Bender Equity Growth Strategy

Growth Areas

Robert Bender & Associates identifies high-quality growth companies in sectors of the market that are growing faster than the overall economy. We focus on owning companies that are one of the dominant players in their respective industry.

Investment Criteria

As the result of over 70 years of combined investing experience, Robert Bender & Associates has developed rigorous investment criteria for all equity investments.  As stock performance is ultimately fueled by earnings growth, we believe earning money for shareholders in the form of net income is paramount to a company's success in the equity markets.  As a result, we invest primarily in companies that have achieved profitability and generate positive operating cash flows.  Our equity investments are typically the leaders in their respective industry in terms of revenue growth and profit margins, as well as other relevant metrics such as return on equity.

In-Depth Research

Our in-depth research process includes the analysis of the company’s operating fundamentals and financial reports, reasonably forecasting future growth based on industry trends and the company’s competitive advantage and assessment of the management team’s ability to execute. The research process also includes attending various conferences annually, performing on-site due diligence and utilizing industry specialists and corporate contacts.

Portfolio Construction

Once a company is determined to be an investment candidate for our portfolio we analyze the risk/reward scenario and look for appropriate entry points. Companies with the most favorable risk/reward are implemented into the portfolio. In conclusion, we are looking for companies with sound business models that we can own for a long-term investment time horizon.